An industry shake-up sees a popular cloud file management app disappear from its original platform. Discover when Dropshare Cloud shut down for MacOS users, the reason for its discontinuation, and what MacOS users can use in its absence. This guide covers everything you need to know about the platform's changes.

Dropshare Cloud Shut Down on January 31, 2024

Since 2016, MacOS and iOS users could easily share files thanks to Dropshare Cloud. The cloud storage service officially shut down on January 31, though Dropshare on MacOS still exists and supports other apps.

The discontinuation of Dropshare Cloud isn't a complete surprise. The subscriber-based platform had blocked new users from subscribing just a few days before the company made an official announcement.

Dropshare Cloud Shuts Down for MacOS Users: Reasons for the Change

What's the driving force behind Dropshare Cloud's discontinuation? User speculation isn't necessary since industry professionals attribute the following components as the top reasons for the shutdown.

Increased Competition

Cloud storage platforms are plentiful today, and Dropshare's struggle to stand out shows. A deciding factor in why Dropshare Cloud is shutting down for MacOS users lies in the program's stiff competition. Dropshare Cloud has to go up against other major platforms like:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon S3

The wide availability of similar programs doesn't put Dropshare Cloud at the forefront.

Lack of Demand

Users have their choice of cloud storage services, leading to a drop in demand for Dropshare Cloud. One could easily compare programs and choose one that matches their storage needs. Pricing also impacts the demand since Dropshare Cloud charges users €7.50 per month for 100 gigabytes of storage, while Google Drive only charges $1.99 per month for the same amount of storage.

Customer Experience

Dropshare discontinuing its cloud storage platform paves the way for consumers to have a better file-sharing experience. Dropshare will continue to support other apps, so uploading files is simple. The company is focusing on creating a better customer experience through these other apps.

What Are Some Available Cloud Storage Solutions for MacOS Users?

Even though Dropshare Cloud shut down for MacOS users at the end of January, you can still upload and store digital files in the cloud. If you use an Apple device, you'll continue to have access to Dropshare and can easily share files to more than 27 cloud-platform apps, including Box and Google Drive.


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